Our Frac Pump Packing lube systems use an electric pump that dispenses grease or oil.  The Grease systems use about 1/4 the amount of lubricant over standard oil systems.  Oil tends to run away, while grease will stay in the packings longer to provide better lubrication with less lubricant.

Ou system uses a series progressive divider valve to proportion the same amount of lubricant to each packing cavity regardless of the pressure differential, ensuring the majority of the lubricant will not go to the point of least resistance.  Standard manifold systems can starve certain packings as other wear shortening the over all life of the packings on the pump. 

The volume dispensed by the pump is monitored by the proximity switch mounted on the divider valve.

We have also designed a return relief assembly so if any packing starts to load up with grease and the pressure rises above 1500 psi, the system will allow the grease that would have been sent to that packing to vent  back to the pump and cause the pressure switch to trigger and signal the PLC or controller to slow the pump temporarily to allow the grease to be consumed and reduce the packing cavity pressure.  

Over pressuring packings will cause them to be driven into the plungers and burn them out.  By preventing the pressure from building up, this prolongs the packing life.

Frac Packing Lube, Wireline Lube, Blender Auger Bearing Lube

Frac Packing Lube

Wireline Lube


Wireline lube has been a unique solution to a common problem.  The rubber plugs installed in the wellhead to allow fishing or other services, wears with the wire passing through it.   By applying a small amount of oil to it as it passes through the seal, reduces the friction being generated and dramatically improves the the life of the plugs.   

The applicator we designed is filled with a felt material that we keep saturated with oil and as the wireline goes through the applicator at speeds of up to 900 feet per minute, it picks up enough oil to let the line slide through the plug smoothly and freely.

The ends of the applicator are made from extremely high strength nylon and are designed to be replaceable bushings so the applicator its self does not wear.


Blender Auger Bearing Lube

Blenders are used to auger sand into bins for mixing with water and other chemicals.  The sand is abrasive and literally dumped in around the bearings at the bottom of the augers used to transport the sand into the bins for blending.  This sand will tear out the seals of the bearings in very short order, so a system that will dispense grease to the bearings to flush the sand away from the seals is paramount.  

We have taken bearing failures from as many as 20 sets a year to zero!

The grease used to lubricate the bearings is minimal, so the extra 8-12 times more grease dispensed is purely used to flush debris from the bearings.