The aim of near dry machining is to replace traditional coolant and pure oil flood systems in a machining environment with an accurately controlled compressed air stream that carries minimal quantities of oil lubrication in an "aerosol" format to the cutting surface. This ensures lubrication of the cutting surface and allows for high performance machining.

Lubricating Aerosol is transported to the cutting surface in two ways:
With External Lubrication: oil is transported via a nozzle to the cutting surface. 
Dropsa has a complete product line from simple, easy to install products such as MiQuel for External lubrication.

With Internal or "through-the-tool" lubrication: oil is transported through internal lubrication holes in the cutting tools.
The MKD-Dual product leads the way with patented technology that generates specifically profiled micron-sized oil aerosol particles that can be injected through existing spindland tool-holders to the leading edge of the cutting tool.

Dropsa MiQuel External System on Bandsaw

Dropsa MKD Internal (Through the Tool) on Milling Machine

Deep Hole Drilling - (Through the Tool)

The Oil for these applications is a very specialized Canola Based product that is designed to improve tool life and be environmentally friendly.