Saw Guide Lubrication Systems 

Industrial Autolube has taken the traditional saw guide lubrication system and turned it on its head.  We have re-thought the entire process and application of water and oil to cool the saws and lubricate the guides.  We use off the shelf components that provide precise control, are easy to maintain and switch out and are economical.

The oil is controlled electronically to provide multiple volume output from a single pump.  We can even take it to the point where each individual zone can be independently controlled and monitored.

Our automation capabilities can provide HMI's with real time feed back of water and oil flow rates to allow very precise mixing to maintain a consistant ratio between water and oil whether in the cut or in idle.

581 Movie


581 Series Saw Guide Lubrication System 2 -Zone


Our Automation package provides real time displays on a screen that show water and oil volumes flowing.    It also provides the ability to fine tune water and oil consumptions to reduce both to the point of still providing cooling and lubrication while reducing waste.  Moisture content in sawdust is becoming a big issue with continuous dry kilns becoming more popular, as well as preventing freezing conveyors and bins in colder climates.