Sharp Chain Lubrication

Sharp Chains, either the guided dog link, or roller type are very specialized equipment and can be one of the biggest challenges because of the speed, location and design of the chain. These specialized pieces of equipment demand specialized solutions. 

Spraying oil onto a running sharp chain does little to lubricate the chain. Most "Car Wash" style spray heads, spray lubricant everywhere; on the outside of the chains, in the waste conveyor and onto adjacent equipment. The lubricant needs to be placed at specific locations "inside" the chain, on the pins and in the center links. 

Industrial Autolube has designed an applicator that will lubricate the sharp chain from the "inside". It applies a constant, very light spray ofoil right at the pins as they travel by.

This is done with the Dropsa SMA Air / Oil Divider Valve. The divider sends metered oil to each point on the applicator by using the air to move the lubricant. This "wets" out the line and creates a very fine, constant spray at each point. The oil is never atomized. 
The chain receives an application of oil every rotation, right at the spot it requires it. This has cut lubricant consumption by as much as 95%! 

We have also applied this same technology to other styles of roller sharp chain, highspeed roller chain and conveyor chains with the same success. Putting the oil right where it needs to be, when it needs to be there and in the right quantities! 

The three main parts to any chain application are:

  • The Industrial Autolube applicator
  • The Dropsa SMA Air/Oil Divider Valve
  • The right lubricant Many applications we apply standard EP 150 Gear Lube! 

    Why Gear Lube? 

    Using an EP150 or lighter Gear Lube provides the protection in an application that is essentially a metal to metal sliding contact situation and Gear Lube has EP Additives! 

    What are EP Additives? 

    "E.P. or Extreme Pressure additives have the ability to establish tough, sacrificial films on moving parts to reduce friction, heat and metal to metal contact under heavy loads."
        The Practical Handbook of Machinery Lubrication 

    This application is designed to augment the application of oil through the guide rail, to provide a film of protection between the rail and the sharp chain. 

    It also provides the ability during colder weather, to introduce a heavier oil through the rail and a lighter oil through the applicator to allow the lubricant to wick into the pins easier. 

    Returns on Investment have been realized in as little as 12 days! 

    "It"s not what the system costs, but what is it's value?" 

    As one customer put it:
    "It's not a matter of can we afford this, but rather can we afford not to."

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