Dean Maier has been in the automated lubrication business for over 25 years, with 75% of that time spent in forestry applications. Wayne Martinson has over 20 years experience with lubricant suppliers. Other areas of expertise include oilfield service equipment, foundry, food processing, sand and gravel, mobile construction, mining, smelting, printing, pulp and paper, and other forms of heavy manufacturing. 

Human nature is such that if a little is good, more must be better. This cannot be farther from the truth when it comes to lubrication. The volume of wasted lubricant in most sawmills is unimaginable. It is very conservatively estimated that in North America $200,000,000 to $300,000,000 annually is dumped down the waste conveyor. 

Most people charged with lubricating key machine components like sharp top chains, deck chains, slides, guides, or bearings either are using the wrong lubricant, which usually requires more of it to get the results they are looking for, or are pouring 20-50 times more oil onto these components than is required. 

Our approach to the installation of lube systems and training procedures are unique in the industry because we don't just walk into to a plant, install a system and leave. We like to work with the maintenance staff on hand to train them as the system is installed. 

This allows the people who are going to be working with the systems to gain valuable experience of how and why the lube equipment works. It allows them to become familiar enough with the lubrication system that should a problem arise, it can be taken care of in house.