We are fortunate to be able to represent the Dropsa line of automated lubrication systems.    Dropsa has one of the most extensive lines of automated systems which range from simple orifice systems, to injector systems, series progressive systems, recirculating systems to air/oil.  

They have recently released the MQL line of systems that are used on machine tools to allow the machining to take place with no coolant!  It is an air oil technology that provides a constant fine spray of oil, either through the tool, or externally.  It has increased tool life by a factor of 8 times!

The VIP4Air is an air/oil system that meters, monitors oil flow, line breakage and line blockage for high speed Bearing lube.

We have also designed several specialized systems that provide unique solutions such as lubrication Sharp Chains and Oilfield applications.

Our Saw Guide Lubrication systems have reduced water and oil consumption in the sawmill industry to help allow the fresh cut sawdust to be utilized directly as fuel  into the new generation Continuous Dry Kilns.