About Us

Industrial Autolube International Inc. (Automated Lubrication Systems) has been serving the North American market for over 15 years. Dean Maier’s 35 years of industry experience has led the company from the beginning and has spent 75% of that time in forestry applications. Other areas our company offers solutions for include oilfield services, food processing, sand and gravel, mobile construction, mining, printing, pulp and paper, and other forms of heavy manufacturing.

As a family owned and operated business, we strive to maintain a reputation of honesty and integrity.

We have evolved our business and with a focus on growth, we entered into an exciting partnership with DropsA S.p.A. International in 2017 which includes a 50% ownership stake. Together, we have become an industry leader in providing saw guide lubrication systems that help companies reduce the consumption of water and oil used in the overall maintenance process. We also provide other automated lubrication solutions to our clients.

Industrial Autolube has also built strong supplier relationships with OEMs like Optimil and Miller Manufacturing to further enhance our business model and the solutions we can provide for you.

We continue to look forward to working with our current clients and also appreciate the opportunity to be considered by new clients.

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