Kiln Cart Wheel Bushings

Remove the cost of greasing bushings

On average typical nylon kiln cart bushings require replacement every 2-3 months. Due to the high continuous working temperatures of a maximum 110-130ºC and high loads the nylon extrudes from the bushing, reducing the life due to oxidation of the plastic and poor lubrication. The grease that is supposed to lubricate the bushings can also be a contributing factor to wear as it often attracts dust and degrades leaving binding agents behind in the bushing. This creates a ripple effect through the machinery leading to a rebuild and possible replacement of the entire wheel, bushing and pin assembly.

ADCOMP™ XPL bushings offered by Industrial Autolube are made of a high-performance polymer that reduces friction, resists abrasive wear and provides lubrication. They are capable of operating at much higher continuous working temperature (up to 260ºC). The ADCOMP™ XPL will lower your total cost of ownership by lasting longer than nylon bushings, eliminate the use of grease and eliminate wheel/pin rebuild costs*.

*with a preventative maintenance monitoring program in place.

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