Grease & Oil

Maintain the proper lubrication in any mechanical component.

The general concept of manual lubrication is that "if a little is good, more must be better". This cannot be further from the truth. Using too much lubricant is a waste. Overfilling any bearing can cause the seals to push out, allowing dirt, debris or water to then enter the bearing, causing failures. On the other hand, waiting too long to re-apply can cause wear on the machine by running out of protection. Automated equipment requires automated lubrication.

Industrial Autolube’s systems are designed to apply a precisely calculated volume, to a precise location, at a precise time. By maintaining an exact film of lubrication in a component, you prevent waste and wear. Our systems are designed to provide not only the exact amount of lubricant but they can also monitor flow and contain components to help troubleshoot and pinpoint blockages.

Every system is calculated to precisely dispense the correct lubricant. Viscosity calculations are done to make sure the lubricant is doing the best job it can, under the conditions it is running in. What other companies add as options we include as performance indicators and essentials. Industrial Autolube is experienced in designing systems for single line injectors, series progressive, dual-line, orifice, air/oil and MQL.

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