High Speed Bearings

High speed bearings that support machinery such as saws require the right amount of lubrication in exact locations. Over lubricating the bearings can generate heat which decreases its life. Having to replace short-lived bearings can cause unscheduled downtime and impact budgets.


The right amount of lube in the right location

Industrial Autolube’s automated lubrication systems apply the right amount of lubricant in the right location at the right time. Proper lubrication will reduce friction between the internal moving surfaces of the bearings and reduces metal-to-metal contact. Our systems apply micro-amounts of lubricants (⅙ of a drop per cycle) at more frequent intervals while giving positive feedback that oil is being correctly injected and mixed into the air stream. This application process has been proven to work best with high speed bearings.

The VIP4Air System contains all components necessary to achieve and monitor optimum minimal air/oil lubrication.

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