Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL)

Traditional lubrication systems can cause increased friction due to improper lubrication. This in turn can cause extreme heat which could damage valuable parts. In response to the increased heat typically coolant is also used. The use of coolant can make a mess within the machinery and in the work area causing damage and an unsafe work environment. 


Minimal lubrication for higher performance machining

The aim of Industrial Autolube’s Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) is to replace traditional coolant and pure oil flood systems with an accurately controlled compressed air stream that carries minimal quantities of oil lubrication in an aerosol format to the cutting surface either externally or internally. This ensures lubrication of the cutting surface and allows for higher performance machining.

The oil for these applications is a specialized canola based product that is designed to improve tool life and is environmentally friendly.

By removing the need for coolant and lubricant being applied directly to the cutting surface this creates a cleaner and safer environment. By reducing friction and heat exponentially our MQL systems also increase tool life by a factor of eight times.

For external lubrication Industrial Autolube has a complete product line of simple, easy to install products through Dropsa such as MiQuel.

For internal lubrication, the Dropsa MKD-Dual minimal lubrication unit leads the way with patented technology in micron-sized oil aerosol lubrication.

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