Saw Guide Lubrication

The right amount of lubrication the first time, everytime

Whether it is overheating from too little oil or freezing from too much water, improper lubrication can cause costly damage to not only the saws but surrounding parts.

Industrial Autolube’s automation capabilities provide human-machine interfaces (HMI) with real-time feedback of water and oil flow rates to allow precise mixing to maintain a consistent ratio between water and oil, whether in the cut or idle. If the flow and pressure drop an alarm is sounded. Were levels to drop too far the system would shut down before any damage could be caused. 

Industrial Autolube has rethought the entire process and application of water and oil to cool the saws and lubricate the guides. We use off-the-shelf components that provide precise control, are easy to maintain and switch out, and are economical. 

Systems offered by Industrial Autolube such as the 581 Series Saw Guide Lubrication System are designed to optimize saw guide lubrication and in turn, optimize production.

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