Sharp Chain Lubrication

Sharp chains, whether it is the guided dog link or roller type, are very specialized equipment and can cause challenges in regards to lubrication because of the speed, location and design of the chain. These specialized pieces of equipment require specialized solutions which Industrial Autolube can provide.


Direct lubrication application for your sharp chains

Unlike most "car wash" style spray heads which dispense unnecessary amounts of lubricant (an average of 50-80 gallons per shift) on unintended components, Industrial Autolube’s automated lubrication systems apply lubricant directly to specific locations: inside the chain, on the pin and in the center links. Our systems are also designed to break through the velocity created by the chain, instead of the lubricant bouncing off. This decreases lubrication consumption, downtime and cost.


The three main components to any chain lubrication application are:

  • Industrial Autolube applicator
  • Dropsa SMA Air/Oil Divider Valve
  • The right lubricant - standard EP 150 Gear Lube

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